Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award *updated*

I am delighted to let you all know about this wonderful award to honour the ways of amm and continue to recognize those who deserve recognition.

amm’s close friends Kate McHarg and Ann Durant had the wonderful idea to create an award in amm’s memory, which is how the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award came to be. The details of the award are outlined in the following word document. This letter was sent to all the schools in the Living Sky School Division. Charlie will be attending the Service Recognition Ceremony this year, which is being held on Friday, May 28th, 2010. One day before the one year anniversary of amm’s passing. Man, can amm ever plan things well!

I am also happy tor report that there are a number of nominations this year. I will update the site with the successful candidates after the awards ceremony.

Many thanks to Kate and Ann for imagining this award, developing it and carrying it through to completion.

amm Service to Children Award

Friday, June 4, 2010

I have received many positive emails since the Service Awards night, by attendees expressing their support for the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award and how well the evening went. Especially how well Charlie spoke.

Here is what was said about each of the four recipients, as well as a list of the other nominees. Already there is talk about nominations for next year! Again, a huge thanks to Kate and Ann, and their commitment to keeping amm  in our lives.

2010 Recipients

Also, the school in Medstead is including this write-up in their newsletter.

Medstead Newsletter

As well, an article about the Service Awards was written in the Battlefords’ Powerflyer. It should be noted that Bob Krismer is not Charlie’s son-in-law. Bob is his golf buddy and an accomplished wood-worker. Slight typo!

June 21, 2011

What another great year of the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award. There were three recipients this year, Gisella Bolton, Joelene Borschneck and Kyla Snell.

2011 Recipients

Sadly our family was unable to attend this year’s award ceremony. Brian Quinn read this on our family’s behalf.

The Merle family, as well as the educational community of the Battlefords, lost a tremendous person and a tremendous educator when Anne-Marie Merle passed away on May 29, 2009. The Merle family is very appreciative of the efforts made by Kate and Ann to ensure that recognition of Anne-Marie’s special talents continues as a part of the presentation of the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award. The Merle family is disappointed that we are unable to attend this year’s ceremony in person, but we have complete trust, as Anne-Marie did, in the special individuals involved with the selection of the award recipient and presentation of the award.

Anne-Marie would be extremely pleased to know that those individuals who have shown extra initiative and effort in helping a child are being rightfully recognized and celebrated. These extra efforts occur regularly, and these extra efforts are not often asked for, or done with the expectation of being recognized. Anne-Marie knew that it is these unofficial extra efforts that can make all the difference in a student’s educational career and can have a wonderful and immeasurable positive impact on a child’s life.

This is a special day of honour and remembrance for the Merle family, and are with you all in spirit tonight.

Thank-you again to Kate and Ann for recognizing that the values that Anne-Marie lived by are important enough to be communicated continuously in the form of this special award.


Charles Merle
Kirsten Merle
Anthony Merle

June 6, 2012

Charlie represented the Merle Clan again this year for the presentation of the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award. He had a lovely evening and below are the words he shared at the ceremony (Charlie’s 2012 Words).

We are touched that this year there continued to be a number of nominations – please recognize them along with me – Amy Williams, Sandra Bennie, Charles Jedlicka, Keltye Hart and all staff members of the Cut Knife Elementary School and Cut Knife High School. And the 2012 recipients are shown here:

A huge thank-you goes out to all those involved for their time, effort and dedication to this award. Our family is forever grateful for their continued honouring of amm.

Charlie’s 2012 Words




August 4, 2013

Charlie represented the Merle Clan yet again this year, when he headed back to NB to attend the Service Recognition Celebration on Friday, May 24th, 2013 for the Living Sky School Division. It was on this night when he presented the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award to three deserving recipients and four honourable mentions.

Thank-you again to everyone who commits their time and thoughtfulness for continuing this award each year. It’s a key part in keeping amm’s teachings alive. It means so much to our family, it really does.

IMG_5831 IMG_5832 IMG_5833 IMG_5834 IMG_5836 IMG_5837


July 12, 2016 – I can tell my dark times, looking back and seeing what I didn’t do, that I normally would. And in this case, missing the post of the 2014 recipients of the Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award. Please don’t let that take away from the significance of this award, or those who dedicate their lives to making a difference in others lives. As do the recipients recognized in 2014 – Kerri Deihl, Therese Robertson, Darlene Humenny, and Braden Tryhuba. With an Honourable Mention to the entire staff at Major School.

I read these stories again, and had a good cry. My mother would be so proud.

amm Service to Children 2014

October 27, 2015

It was lovely for Charlie to make the trip to NB again this year for the award ceremony. He always fondly looks forward to it, and has lovely things to share once he has returned. People he chatted with. Updates he received. He loves feeling so welcomed. So thank-you to everyone who provides him with that.

Here are the two recipients of this year’s award. The write-ups say it all. My mom would have loved hearing these stories, and I hope you do too.

amm Service to Children Award 2015


Once again, Charles-in-Charge made the trip to NB for the Living Sky School Division service awards ceremony. And then carried on for a visit to Batoche. Thank-you to the two recipients this year, Sandy Emke-Kish and Abigail Heck. Your students and communities are so blessed to have you.

amm Service to Children 2016

2017 *Updated*

Charlie made the trek again to North Battleford to attend the awards ceremony. He once again cried. He is so sweet. And I am sure I would too, if I had been there. Thank-you to the Living Sky School Division, for continuing this tradition and honouring those who do a little bit (a lot) more. Ann Leikam, Kerri Kozen, and Paul Marek – thank-you for being such significant, positive influencers.

amm Service to Children Award 2017



9 thoughts on “Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children Award *updated*”

  1. What a perfect tribute to amm and what she believed in. No doubt she will make her presence known at the Service Recognition ceremony as well. 🙂

  2. I totally agree, Tracey!

  3. Audrey M. Peters said:

    This is a wonderful tribute to a great lady, & a dear friend. Anne-Marie, definitely, has her hand, in the future, too.
    luv Audrey

  4. Sherron said:

    I so appreciated the words of tribute given to the three recipients of this award. Each of the women were moved to tears and some were visibly shaking. Their reaction to this honour was evidence of the love and respect we continue to have for Anne Marie. I could see her smile as Charlie made his speech.
    Thank you!

  5. Sherron – I am so glad you shared your experience of the evening.

  6. George & Shirley said:

    What a super award in remembrance of a wonderful educator and we were very touched when we read the article. Just wondering if you have an example of the pencil so you can show Gramma ‘Lien when she comes to see you in July.

  7. I am pretty sure my dad has more pencils that we can show Grandma!

  8. Rojeanne said:

    I was very excited to read about the recipients of the first-ever Anne-Marie Merle Service to Children awards. Tammy Riel is the daughter of Helene Whiteside, a member of Anne-Marie’s Beta Sigma Phi chapter.
    There’s always a connection somewhere, isn’t there!

  9. Rojeanne – thanks for sharing the connection! Love it!

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