amm’s PSA

I am typing on behalf of amm. Her public service announcement is all about your health and the choices you make. amm was the most dedicated person I knew to keeping herself healthy, being proactive about her well-being and wanting her family to take care of themselves as well.

amm followed the Canada Food Guide. She tracked what she ate to pin-point foods that didn’t react well with her systems. She didn’t smoke. She walked and stretched every day. She enjoyed foods outside the Canada Food Guide in moderation. She educated herself about health issues that affected her and her family.

I would like to think that amm would say this PSA about her disease: I did not have the choice regarding this disease that killed me. But I did choose to eat well, exercise daily and lead a healthy lifestyle. I encourage you to make the choice to better yourself and your health. Choose to quit smoking. Choose to reduce fatty foods in your diet. Choose to keep active. You have the choice.