Spring Trifle

This is a recipe that I received from one of amm’s Beta Sisters. I have not tried this recipe before but have many memories of amm making it and looking so bright and cheery for spring.

Spring Trifle

Anne-Marie Merle

April 1993

6 oz lemon Jell-O

3 cups boiling water

1 Angle Food Cake

2 pkgs lemon pie filling

2 pkgs Dream Whip

12 drops green food coloring

Combine 6 oz lemon Jell-O with 3 cups boiling water, set aside to cool.

Prepare Angel Food Cake.

Prepare 2 pkgs of lemon pie filling according to directions, set aside to cool.

Tint 1/2 lemon pie filling with 12 drops green food colouring.

To assemble:

Use a large glass bowl for trifle.

Break Angel Food Cake into 1″ pieces.

1st layer: 1/4 cake at the bottom of bowl, 1/4 of the liquid Jell-O, 1/2 yellow pie filling.

2nd layer: 1/4 cake pieces, 1/4 yellow pie filling & 1/2 green pie filling.

3rd layer: 1/4 cake pieces, 1/4 yellow pie filling & remaining green pie filling.

4th layer: last of cake, remaining liquid Jell-O.

Place in fridge overnight.

Just before serving prepare and top with Dream Whip. Sprinkle with toasted almonds & tinted coconut.


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