Pizza – Italian & Fruit

There are two pizza recipes that were included in the Beta Sigma Phi Christmas Chronicle 2009 – a traditional pizza dough and a fruit pizza. I love to make this dough for homemade pizza and have great memories of amm making the dough and us kids getting to do our own toppings when we were little. And the fruit pizza is always a hit as a summer dessert.

During one of amm’s last visits to Edmonton with Charles, Nick and I made homemade pizza with this recipe. We made a veggie with fresh mozzarella,  tomato sauce, Roma tomatoes and fresh basil. The second pizza topping combination we stole from our dear friends, Rebecca & Scott. They are currently living in Ireland and they made us this pizza when we visited them last fall – pesto for a base, capers, feta and smoked salmon. Ohh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Especially since right now I am to stay away from smoked seafood. 😦 Oh, we will be reunited before I know it…