Oatmeal Squares

March 13, 2011

There were many times when amm I were chatting on the phone and she told me that she had just made a batch of oatmeal squares. And how many times the batch of squares wouldn’t last more than a day! They weren’t even safe in the freezer!

Oatmeal squares have been on my mind for a couple of weeks now, as it has been years since I made a batch. So when I was thinking about what to make for a sweet treat when hosting the mom’s group this upcoming Tuesday, and what might be able to compete with the chocolate chip cheese ball, I though of the oatmeal squares.

It’s really my bedtime, but I planned on just peaking at the recipe and maybe doing some prep tonight so it’s easy to get the baking done with Arrine tomorrow. I had forgotten how easy the recipe is!! So I just decided to get it all done tonight. After I filled one pan I thought, “There is no way we will be able to save enough of these for Tuesday!!” And so I threw together a second batch.

I plan on taking some over to dad’s tomorrow afternoon, as I know he doesn’t get homemade baking like he used to.

Don’t you just love amm’s email recipes?

Oatmeal Squares

PS And I love the connection to Grannie Utley. I had forgotten about that tid bit!


3 thoughts on “Oatmeal Squares”

  1. Marlene Jones said:

    Kirsten…I love the recipe and the added notes. It gave me shivers to read AMM’s words about her daily chores. I miss that so much.


  2. mmmmm, oatmeal squares. I hope mabel and i can come so i can try them.

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