Métis Prairie Girl

Métis Prairie Girl is a perfect description of amm. In the last days when she could speak, she expressed how proud she was of her Métis roots, especially through this journey because it has such a strong spiritual component. On Saturday, March 28, 2009, when speaking of her Métis roots, she said, “And it will carry us. It will carry us in strength… And it is a world of strength and … will take us back to the land from which we have come.” She also said that she will, “Put a stitch with our Earth Mother.”

Anne-Marie spoke of her love of the prairies and how she could never imagine living anywhere else. She said once, “Don’t you love the sound of the snow crunching underneath your feet while you’re walking on a crisp winter day?”

Anne-Marie’s family and ancestors lived in a time where many Métis chose to deny their heritage to avoid negative stigmas that were associated with their history. However, Anne-Marie always felt a connection to her roots and in her adult life she spent hours researching her family history and documenting the lineage. Anne-Marie applied for Métis status through the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, however with the ongoing changes in the organization, she never did receive status. She was so proud when her daughter became a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta.

The following is what Anne-Marie researched and documented about her Métis roots…

Reference: (Sprague/Frye, 1983, The Genealogy of the First Métis Nation)

1st Generation

Henry Hallet (ID 2097)

  • amm’s great-great-great-great-grandfather
  • English fur trader
  • Came to Canada in 1793
  • Married an aboriginal woman, Catherine “Crise” (Cree)

2ndGeneration – The 10 Children of Henry Hallet

One was: Marie Julie

  • amm’s great-great-great-grandmother
  • Born 1803
  • Died May 20, 1901 in Batoche
  • She married Louison Letendre St. Bonifice June 6, 1825

Louison Letendre

  • amm’s great-great-great-grandfather
  • Born 1797
  • Died 1883 in Batoche

Marie Julie and Louison were probably previously contracted “a la mode due pays” – in the way of the country – and had their marriage formalized in the Church in 1825. In 1871 they wintered at St. Laurent and they had 12 horses. On July 18, 1885, Marie Julie received $160 cash script.

3rdGeneration – The 7 Children of Marie Julie and Louison Letendre

One was: Francois Xavier “Batoche” Letendre

  • amm’s great-great-great-uncle
  • Born 1841
  • Died 1901
  • He married Marguerite Parenteau

Marguerite Parenteau

  • Daughter of Pierre Parenteau and Josephite deLorme
  • Born 1843
  • Died 1937

The original full family name was Letendre dit Batoche, which was custom in 17th century France and 18th and 19thcentury French/Canada. The name “Batoche” origin us unclear, but it appears to be a family nickname.

One was: Louis Letendre (ID 2943)

  • amm’s great-great-grandfather
  • Born September 1832 in the Red River Colony
  • Died 1911
  • Had 3 wives
    • Julie Delorme (8 children)
    • Marie Beaugrand Champagne (3 children)
    • Angelique Dumas (14 children)

Marie Champagne is amm’s connection.

  • Born 1839
  • Died 1866

Louis inherited his children’s scrip and 2 of his children each had 240 acres. In 1871 Louis wintered in St. Laurent with his 3rdwife Angelique Dumas (born 1849; died 1916). At that time they had 10 horses and he was a freighter with his brother Xavier “Batoche”.

4thGeneration – The Children of Louis Letendre

One was: Rosalie Letendre

  • amm’s great-grandmother
  • Born March 20, 1864
  • Baptized May 1864 at St. Francois Xavier, Manitoba
  • Died ??
  • She married Louis Parenteau on April 25, 1887 in Batoche

Louis Parenteau

  • Son of Pierre Parenteau (ID 3813) and Marie Ann Carron
    • Pierre was born 1817 in Red River and likely had a land claim recognized by the government in 1879
    • Marie Ann was born 1832 in Red River
  • Born 1862 in St. Norbert, Manitoba
  • Louis’ brother Francois was born in 1874 and moved to Prince Albert in 1901

5thGeneration – The 5 Children of Rosalie Letendre and Louis Parenteau

One was: Marie Arrine Parenteau

  • amm’s grandmother
  • Born July 23, 1898
  • Baptized July 24, 1898 in Batoche and her sponsors were Baptiste and Marie Letendre
  • Died November 11, 1987
  • She married James Albert Utley on February 22, 1921 in St. Alban’s Cathedral in Prince Albert
    • James was born February 4, 1897
  • Marie Arrine went by Irene, and it was thought that Irene was a form of Arrine and somewhere the spelling was changed. She was also known as Grannie Utley.

6thGeneration – The 5 Children of Marie Arrine Parenteau and James Albert Utley

One was: Eileen Utley

  • Born October 12, 1927
  • She married John Tomporowski

7thGeneration – The 2 Children of Eileen Utley and John Tomporowski

One was: Anne-Marie Merle

  • Born March 4, 1947 in Calgary
  • Married Charles Anthony Merle on July 10, 1971 in Shellbrook
  • Had two children, Anthony John and Kirsten Kae