Education Career

amm started her education career by obtaining her teaching diploma after high school. I remember her telling me how her parents were so insistent that she further her education so she wouldn’t be dependant upon their family farm. I also remember asking how she chose teaching. amm recalled that she was told that she had three choices for post-secondary education: nurse, secretary and teacher. Teacher sounded most intriguing to her. Once amm moved to Saskatoon she continued her education by obtaining her Bachelor of Education degree which she was so proud of. But she didn’t stop there – in the late 1990’s she obtained her Masters of Education to assist her with her progressing career.

I have many random memories of amm’s teaching career: going to Queen Elizabeth School and seeing the Home Economics lab, going shopping for stickers and teaching supplies at her favourite education store in Saskatoon, going to her classroom on the weekends to work on my homework while amm worked on her homework, having her teach me Practical Living Arts (PLA – sewing and cooking) in junior high and amm having a sign that said “Your Mother Does Not Work Here – You Must Pick Up After Yourself” but she never let me argue that my mother did work there, and also amm making me taste food that I made in class that she knew that I didn’t like or ever eat at home but she was not going to treat me any differently than the rest of her class, and all of amm’s charts and sticky notes  on our living room table when scheduling teachers and classes in the summer to prep for the next school year.

The following is a time line of amm’s education career. These dates should be somewhat correct… Please correct me if I have the information not quite right.

Weyburn, Saskatchewan

late 1960’s and 1970’s ~ Weyburn Junior High

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

1976 – 1983 ~ substitute taught and contract part-time teaching (while raising her bambinos)

1983 – 1985 ~ Queen Elizabeth School

1984 ~ Bachelor of Education, University of Saskatchewan

North Battleford, Saskatchewan

1986 – 1988 ~ McKitrick and Bready School

1988 – 1994 ~ Alexander Junior High School

1994 – 1998 ~ Vice Principal of Alexander Junior High School

1999 ~ Masters of Education, University of Saskatchewan

1998 – 2000 ~ Principal of Bready School

2000 – 2007 ~ Superintendent of Instruction – Living Sky School Division #202