I always find myself thinking of this oath I wrote 4 years go when I am faced with deep struggles. It’s a good reminder to help guide hard choices that need to be made. The difference in my outlook on this today though, is I really should be doing the bolded items for me, whether or not I have a daughter.  I need this for myself, no matter what exists externally to me. Lesson learned for today – check!

I will be a woman you are proud to call “mom”.
I will make decisions that keep you as my priority.
I will provide you with a loving home and family.
I will ensure you know and believe that not only are you beautiful, you are bright.
I will ensure you know and believe you have more to offer than just your pretty smile.
I will own my errors and take responsibility for them.
I will allow myself one good cry and then not shed tears for those who do not shed tears for me.
I will make popcorn and sliced dill pickles for supper if that’s what we fancy.
I will show you how to fall in love with books.
I will be spiritual so you can follow your own spiritual path.
I will make sure you can eat alone in a restaurant when you are a young adult and not be self conscious.
I will not accept anything in my life that’s not deserving of me, my daughter, and my spirit.
I will laugh with you.
I will cry with you.
I will show you how writing can be your best friend.
I will show you how to be a friend.
I will be a woman you are proud to call “mom”.