Yowsers. Again, another huge break between posts. Life. It takes over.

I am super happy to report that I have been off the prednisone since October 28th. The high dose of imuran seems to be doing its job, so that’s neat-o. It just makes me super tired all of the time. I need about 10 hours of sleep a night to really feel rested. But I will take that over being on the prednisone. My rheumatologist has explained that I will need to be on the imuran for at least a year with no other symptoms, before we consider trying to taper me off of it. A few weeks ago a welt did start on the back of my right leg. There has been no swelling or any additional welts, so I am focusing on it staying at one and hopefully it will go away soon.

Kidneys are still being dorky. My monthly bloodwork still shows they are not working at full capacity and I have started experiencing some real-life symptoms. So next week I am going for an MRI of the blood vessels leading to my kidneys. Since my kidney biopsy in the spring did not show any signs of vasculitis, we are now going to check the vessels leading into them. Perhaps that’s where the issue is. Who knows, really…

I will see my rheumatologist a few weeks after the MRI to get the results. As well as my lung specialist. And that’s all I know for now.

Hope each and every one of your lives is tickety-boo!