WE NEED YOUR MONEY!!! PLEASE SHARE! Or my swollen ankles will come after you!

Nadine is an amazing mother and friend. And on Friday her world was turned upside down when she was expecting her daughter to be returned to her, and instead was served with custody papers. I cannot even imagine the heartache she is feeling, as she does not even know where her daughter is, and the system is not set up to support her. Her friends have started this campaign to raise funds to pay for a lawyer. Nadine busts her butt as a single mom of two kids, going to school and working. For the last two days she has tried to do this on her own, but keeps being told – you need a lawyer. Please. Any amount you can donate is so welcomed. And please share. If you hesitate at all, just imagine not knowing where your child is. And having no system to support you getting her home.

More details are included in the GoFund me page – link below.