So, it’s clear I get the weirdest and most random health issues. My latest one? Inflammation of my shin fat. Yes. Shin fat.

A few weeks ago, I found a small, hard lump on my calf. The skin became tender and red in the area and I thought it was maybe just an ingrown hair? But then another one appeared on my other leg under my knee. They looked like bruises, but there was a significant bump with each one. So I made an appointment with my regular doctor and by the time I saw her, there were multiple bumps all over my legs. They are sore and painful and super annoying.

Diagnosis? Erythema nodosum. Inflammation of fat tissue on your lower legs. They can be connected to some medications, pregnancy, strep throat, and cat scratch fever. We ruled out all of those (kinda sad I never had cat scratch fever), so instead, I have them for no reason, which is also a reason.

There is no treatment, and they should go away on their own within 3-6 weeks. Even though the doc I saw said there would be no connection to my lung/vasculitis?? disease, I still called and left a message with her office, letting her know of this new symptom. Just in case.

I also dropped my prednisone down to 5 mg, starting tomorrow. I have been at 7.5 mg for two weeks and I still feel good, besides my fatty shin problem, so I am going down again. Wish me luck!