I can’t remember being stressed out about finances, as much as I am now. The economy is not great. We all know that. I first really experienced it when I was laid off last November. I consider myself extremely blessed that I found work so quickly and started working in February, and accepted the 18% salary decrease. I was grateful to be working and enjoying it. I made the monthly reduction work these last couple of months with a decreased budget, but I was notified last week that starting May 1st, my hours will be reduced to 4 days a week. This is to avoid having to do complete layoffs. There goes another 20% salary reduction.

Yesterday I was looking at my budget again, crunching numbers, and getting some advice from girlfriends on even more ways to save. I am open to suggestions! Trisha noted my monthly Book Budget and suggested the library instead. To which I replied, “There is always enough money for books.” This was something my mother said so often, that it has become a part of me. We both find/found joy in not only reading, but owning books too. It’s like each time another book is placed in our personal library, and angel gets her wings. How can we deny angels their wings?! However, I have cut that monthly budget down to $7 a month. That will still allow Arrine one book during our ritual of walking to Whyte Ave and then going to Chapters. I can use the library. J

I am trying to counter my anxiety over this by focusing on the positives from it. An extra day at home will allow me to do more of the daily household chores and upkeep, instead of during my time away from Arrine or when I am with her. It will also give me more time to find cost savings, like being able to go to various grocery stores for the best deals. I can sunbath more in the summer while reading my book from the library. And maybe find time to pursue my editing interest.

But for now I need to put some of my plans on hold, which is hard mentally.

I am thinking a lot of my parents and how things were when we were growing up. We never had a lot of money, but they always found ways to cover dance and golf costs, which I know are very expensive. And I now can appreciate more, the sacrifices they would have individually made for my bro and I to golf and dance. So I thank them.

Even though I need to work on reducing my stress related to this, I am still very joyful and content. I’m trying to look at it as a fun challenge. ….yah!…