It’s been a while since I wrote a health update, so here is a quick recap.

  • Lung wise, I am feeling good. I currently don’t notice any concerns with my breathing or lung capacity.
  • I still have muscle soreness from my lung surgery site, and even my kidney biopsy site. I notice it is mostly activity dependent and there is still discomfort and tenderness if I wear an underwire bra.
  • The feeling in my left armpit is coming back. I’ve noticed the sensation coming and going, which I think is normal for nerve damage repairing itself.
  • I am on my last week of 4 weeks at a 10 mg prednisone dose. I hope when I see my rheumatologist at the end of this week, we can decrease again.
  • The side effects of the prednisone are reducing, as the dose tapers off, which is great. I can’t remember the last time I had heartburn or my food tasted metallic. And part of that may be that I now avoid certain foods and I am used to the taste. But I am sure the reduced dose has helped. I have thought my moon face was reducing, and some of my friends have commented the same. WAHOO!! A couple of weeks ago I wore my sunglasses and the bottom of the rims didn’t touch my cheeks as they had before. BOOM! The chest and back acne is just recovering from redness due to the previous flares. But now the acne has returned to my face – decided to not take the minocycline though. Ha! I am also sleeping really well.
  • Mentally I’m still struggling with the time it is taking me to regain the strength I had before. It has been 7 months since I was discharged, and before I figured I would be back to before in about 6 months. So that timeline has been extended and I am working on not letting it mentally bring me down.
  • I finally had to go to my family doctor’s office to get my medical charts for the Mayo Clinic. The Mayo Clinic emailed me, letting me know they were still waiting to get my information, which is when I followed up here and found out the office mailed it regular post to the states, and not couriered. When I went in, I asked to speak with the office manager so she was aware of this super frustrating situation, and she was very receptive and understanding. She also said, “Thank-you for being so calm, I know I wouldn’t be.” To which I replied, “Oh, I am raging on the inside. But I know expressing that will not be productive.” So, the Mayo Clinic has my records now, and said that I could set up an appointment with their pulmonary department. I am going to wait and see how  I feel after my rheumatologist appointment this week before deciding how to proceed with that.
  • I have a few other non-lung related health things I am dealing with. I tore my hamstring around Christmas, and even with visits to the chiropractor, it is still very sore and tight. I also have a pinch in my upper back/shoulder, and now the top of my foot is sore and tight. All things the chiro is trying to fix.
  • I chatted on the phone with the Vancouver specialist, and he was able to clarify a few things. I am still hopeful about his outlook on things. Again, I will share once I speak with my rheumatologist.

Overall I am feeling well. I definitely get tired more easily, but I explain it that maybe it’s just me getting older…

I am busy with burlesque and rehearsing for our show in mid-May. I don’t see my girlfriends as much as I want to, but I know we all are in very busy times of our lives right now. And I am hoping that will shift a bit for all of us in the spring and summer. I am still really enjoying my new job. No complaints there. And I am continuing on the mental / habit changes I have made since being out of the hospital, and that has really helped maintained and grown my overall happiness.

I’m alive. All is good.