I saw my lung doc this morning. I was excited to see him and do the lung function test, as we didn’t do it last month because of being sick at the time. The lung testing is a great way to pick up on any indication that my symptoms are returning, before I start to feel the symptoms.

There was a blip in my testing. The test that shows how much air I can blow out in one second, which is represented by a comparison to average percentage, decreased. Today I was at 86%. November was 90%, December was 82%, and January was 106%. They call this a sign of obstruction. I asked if that meant inflammation, and he said no. It’s more an indication of asthma. And he explained it like this. Prednisone will reduce the symptoms of asthma. Because he had no testing results of me before I was on high doses of prednisone, he doesn’t have a normal baseline to compare me to. So I could have had signs of asthma before, then the prednisone helped, and now that we are tapering the prednisone, we are seeing signs of the asthma. The good news though, is that he doesn’t consider this a big enough concern to change my treatment. However, he did caution that now we are at the 10mg of prednisone, this is a common time to see a flare up. So, I will see him again in a month and I have a standing order chest x-ray I can go get, if I start feeling worse. Oh, and my lung volumes are ok, so that is promising too.

Another good note, is that my creatinine level on Monday was 89, so back in the normal range. Kidneys have been behaving for a while now.

I am assuming that my decision to not take the Imuran is ok with my rheumatologist. I have called her office and left message with my decision, and never heard anything back. So that is the plan, until I see her in early April.

I also already heard back from the specialist in Vancouver. I am still processing his thoughts, and need to do a bit more research and clarify some things before I go into more detail. I am super grateful for his expertise. And the Mayo clinic said they haven’t received my information yet, so I need to follow up with my family doctor’s office today. Wahhh wahhhh.

Happy Friday