Ummmm. Ok. I was a bit premature with my excitement over my medical records being sent out. It is a super, duper positive, but I have now been informed that it won’t include my actual biopsy samples, and that is an entirely separate rigmarole.

I called the U of A Hospital switchboard. They connected me to Medical Records, who told me that it would take a month if I did the request, but sooner if my doctor sent the request. Well, we know how quickly my doctor’s office moves. :0 So then I was told, “Oh, you need to speak with someone in Access and Disclosure.” So I was transferred to them. Who then transferred me to Pathology. Brittany in Pathology was wonderful. But she explained that my lung biopsy samples are stored by Dynalife, since the surgery was technically done at the Royal Alex. So I called Dynalife. They love the fax machine. Fax fax fax. Send us your request via fax. Sure thing. Will do. Then just page me when you get it. Then I found out the lady I was speaking with normally doesn’t work there. So she put Brenda on the line. Brenda gave me her email address. THANK-YOU! So I have emailed her to start the process. Once I fill out more paperwork, they need consent from the doc who took the sample to release it. So, once that happens, I will be notified and can go get it. Hopefully that isn’t a big time consumer. THEN the Vancouver specialist emailed me and said he also wanted my kidney biopsy. So I called helpful Brittany back, and she is going to get things ready for me, so I can go there tomorrow to fill out the paperwork and get the samples. If they send it for me, it will cost $125. So instead, I am hoping there is a lesser charge for me to take them myself, and then I will just pop my kidney in the mail.