There were new books at Arrine’s dance studio, so last night when we were waiting for her class to start she asked me to read one to her. They were all ballet themed and we started reading about Betsy Ballerina, who was staring in a fairy tale ballet. Three other girls surrounded me while I read out loud to them. Betsy was a princess who was captured by a wicked witch and had to wait for a prince to come save her. When I was done reading the story, I said to the girls, “Now, what do you think Betsy would have done if the prince never came?” And one after one, I got an, “I dunno” response from each of them. To which I replied, “Well, Betsy would have figured out how to escape all on her own.! Actually, she probably didn’t need the prince to save her at all.” And then another mom who was sitting on the couch across the room added, “I agree”.

Stories and fairy tales are lovely to share with our children. But we need to remember that our perspective is different from their little world. It only takes a few moments after the story has been read to have a chat about it, and reiterate the real message that we want them to take away from the story.

Silly prince…