I saw my lung specialist yesterday. Because I have some significant sinus congestion and a deep, hacking cough, I worry. I feel short of breath siting and feel winded from simply climbing one set of stairs. And it takes me back to the original symptoms I experienced. Which is where the worry creeps in. I am sure it is just a horrible chest and head cold. Because I do not have the extreme fatigue as I did before, and I also wasn’t congested when I first became ill. But wow, feeing short of breath sure scares the bejeezes out of me.  As we continue to decrease the prednisone, we need to closely monitor to ensure my symptoms don’t return.

My last chest x-ray a month ago did not show any concern. And we are trying to avoid unnecessary x-rays. But, to ease my mind, if my current symptoms do not improve in a week, I have a requisition for a chest x-ray, to see what’s going on inside there…

Otherwise, the appointment was uneventful. We never did the lung capacity tests, because the data would be hindered by the tenderness of my kidney biopsy site, and my congested cough. So we will wait until next month to do the tests again, and hopefully there will be nothing keeping me from sitting in that little booth and blowing. I would feel better with some current data on my lung function.

Oh, he did explain that the last kidney biopsy test is for “immune deposits”, which might tell us more. On the one had it’s relieving that the preliminary results are promising, but on the other hand, it doesn’t explain the unknown reason for my levels spiking.

I did mention to him my hesitation to start the Imuran (next level of medication). And he agreed with me. So that was encouraging. I currently want to wait until all the lab work is back on the biopsy. And get a few more questions answered.

I really miss my mom.