Super duper news on the kidney biopsy. My kidney specialist called yesterday to let me know that the preliminary findings of the biopsy don’t show any concern. There are still some more detailed tests that need to be completed, but he doesn’t expect the last tests to reveal anything that would be an issue. So it’s good that the kidneys look good. But still concerning to not have an answer for my increased creatinine levels. With the help of my bestie who is one of the most thorough researchers I know, my current hypothesis is that my levels are whacked due to the prednisone and possible alcohol consumption. It’s not like I am a booze hound. I actually drink much less than I ever have before. I can’t remember the last time I had a drink by myself at home. But considering that I always get my blood work done on Mondays, and the spikes seem to happen every few weeks or so, maybe there is a connection to weekends when I enjoyed a few bevvies. Or “binge drink”, as my kidney specialist likes to call it. He did question this theory however, when he noted that my highest spike of 154 on December 15th did not come down when I was retested on December 18th at 120. He wouldn’t expect that much dehydration over a few days to still have such an increased level. But who knows. Like really. WHO KNOWS?? I wanna know…

So, going forward, we are going to do blood work every two weeks, instead of weekly. Which I am excited for, as it will give my collapsing veins a break, and be in line with the blood work schedule with my rheumatologist. BUT, this new rheumatologist blood work is due to the new medication we plan to start once my tattoo infection clears. And now I am second guessing this decision. The next medication is rough. Like carcinogenic rough. So now that my kidneys don’t show any signs of vasculitis, and I currently have no other symptoms (besides my lung congestion that is hopefully just from a cold, and I see my lung doc later this afternoon), I am super hesitant to add another medication. Maybe it’s not needed? But how do I mentally live with that risk? I feel I need to do some more personal research, as well as speak with my therapist before I make a final decision on the next step with medication.

Side note – I saw the walk-in doc again yesterday about my tattoo. The pain is starting to lesson and it is starting to itch, which is a good sign showing it’s healing. She has extended my 10 days of antibiotics to 14 though, and continuing with the topical antibiotic. I will see her again in a week to monitor the progress. It’s super gross.

I think I am over my Debbie Downer phase. I am starting to feel less mentally foggy. I just needed some time to internalize and purge my negativity. Because really, I have a lot of sh*t going on.