I have shared my insecurities about the prednisone side effects of the weight gain, decreased metabolism, and muscle consumption. So being able to do my workouts and dance keeps me mentally content, as I am currently focusing on just maintaining, as opposed to converting my fat to muscle.

So this extended recovery from the kidney biopsy has really been tough mentally. I was told 3-4 days, then I was told a week. Well, it is just over a week and I still feel the tenderness. I have now been told to wait until I feel no tenderness. I long to swing that kettle bell and sweat it out.

But finally I found a positive in this situation. Months ago – yes, months now – I severely pulled my right hamstring again. It’s an ongoing injury I have had for decades. So I just modified my workouts around it, but was still lifting, even with it being sore. This week break has probably been really good for the hammy. And now that I have medical benefits again, I am gonna get back to my chiropractor so he can do some active release therapy on this bad boy. Which always really helps!

I found a positive!!