OK, I am still a bit of a Negative Nancy. But now I am contributing it to the constant, extreme pain my arm is in from the infected tattoo. Like who wouldn’t be a bit of a downer with their arm feeling like it’s on fire, right? I have to plan my wardrobe around the pain, and really wish this was during warmer weather, when no coat is required.

So. Update?

Infected Tattoo – I am starting day 6 of the 10 days of antibiotics. The walk-in doc I saw last week said I should see improvement in 4-5 days. I would say the swelling has gone down a bit, and the skin isn’t as red, but the infection is still extremely visually disturbing and painful. The rheumatologist fellow said that the pain should decrease within 4-5 days, but the infection might still look quite bad. There are now parts where the skin has cracked and bleeds. I worry about the skin underneath and how the tattoo will look. And if I will need to get the entire infected part redone. I worry there is a connection between this infection and my altered immune system, and carry the guilt of going ahead with the tattoo, even though my docs months ago said it would be ok once I was on lower prednisone doses. I know that once the pain from this subsides and the infection has cleared, mentally, I will feel much better. I am seeing the walk-in doc I saw last week tomorrow for a follow-up.

Head/Chest Cold – Previously I was taking ColdFX daily, and – knock on wood – had avoided a serious cold, even when Arrine had one that lasted for months. But in preparation of the kidney biopsy, I had to stop taking anything that may thin my blood, which included ColdFX. So, it was sort of setting myself up to get sick. No more ColdFX, then spending time in the hospital for the biopsy, body just being rundown to begin with. Friday night I went to bed with the realization of having a slight sore throat. Saturday I woke up a bit congested. Sunday I had a fever, intense headache, deep cough, ringing ears and overall miserable state. I spent most of the day in bed. Monday I didn’t have a fever and the headache had passed, but the rest of the symptoms remained. At least I could function a bit more. But, I was extremely worried on Sunday and contemplating another trip to emergency, because the symptoms defo mimicked how I felt with the onset of my illness in the summer – shortness of breath, lowered oxygen levels, fatigue, and a cough. But I have tried to remind myself that this is due to my chest congestion, and not worsening lungs from returning vasculitis. That being said, I am seeing my lung specialist on Thursday and will get his account on it all.

Kidneys – My kidney site is still sore. And I was told that it should only last a couple of days. So this makes me worry that I somehow hurt it from lifting something heavier than I should have, or I am bleeding internally. I would like to think that if I was bleeding internally, there would be some other signs I would be picking up on, but again, something I will ask the docs in the next couple of days. Once I get the go ahead, I plan to add the ColdFX back into my daily pill popping routine.

Weekly Bloodwork – Last week the vein that they used became very bruised and sore. But I can’t use the left arm for blood work due to the infected tattoo. So at least while in the hospital, they used a different vein on my right arm for blood collection. But today, the lady insisted on using the vein that I asked her not to use. And then it collapsed. And then she reminded me to not lift anything heavy with my right arm. Although I can’t carry anything on my left side, because of my tattoo or kidney biopsy. So really, I need a pack mule.

Overall, I am pretty much just worrying about everything. And want my worries to be extinguished so I can feel more settled. That should come with these upcoming doc appointments and time for the tattoo infection to clear. And I want to feel better enough to be working out again. Because not being able to do that, is a major downer too.

Positives, positives. What is a positive through all this? Oh. I know. I like how Strepsils taste.