You know how there are moments in your life, where visually you can see yourself from the outside in? And you know you will never forget them? I have one of Miss M. Mackenzie. Daddy Mack. Kenzie. She answers to many names, but she will always be Miss M, in my heart.

First year of uni. Alone. Nervous. Scared. And in my CivE 130 class (she will correct me if needed, as her memory is superior to mine), along she came and plopped down beside me. She later told me it was because I was alone, and she was alone too. And soon we weren’t alone. We quickly learned that we shared a ton of similar interests – we danced growing up, loved the X-Files, and had the same music tastes. And that’s when we really became one person, spending all of our time together, getting into the funniest of situations and fumbling through uni. Well, I fumbled more. Miss M was always a superior student compared to me.

It was our first Thanksgiving that gave me insight into her true character. I went back home for the weekend and did not get any of my homework done. Mostly because I did not understand it. When I got back to the city, late on Monday, we chatted on the phone (yes, that’s how it worked then) and she learned I was not done my homework. Before I could say no, she was on the LRT to cross the river from downtown, to come help me with it. A girl I had maybe known for 6 weeks, was going significantly out of her way to help me. From then on our friendship was bound by getting stuck in laundry baskets, stalking boys we had crushes on and being mistaken for lesbian lovers by our math TA.

When I first became ill, even before being admitted to the hospital, I let her know. She was living overseas at the time, but happened to be in Washington and at the airport. Immediately she offered to change her flights and come see me. I declined her generous offer, because I really did not know what was happening.

But once I was out of the hospital, she messaged me. It was something like, “Hey, are you free the first weekend of October?” I checked my schedule and said I was. Then not even 5 minutes later she replied, “Ok. I booked my flights. I am coming see you for the weekend.”

Isn’t that lovely? Oh wait. I never told you where she was living at the time. Kuwait. She booked flights from Kuwait, to come see me for the weekend in Edmonton. Just a little weekend getaway. I was so humbled. I knew of her generosity as a friend already. But c’mon. It makes me teary just thinking of it now!

So, we spent the weekend together, celebrating that I hadn’t died. Friday night we went to a jam session to relive our days going to the Schematics gigs. Then we stopped in at my neighbourhood pub, because I mentioned I always wanted to see what it was like, and she made the last minute decision to go. They kept playing song after song that had some meaning to us. Then a very drunk patron tried to talk politics to us, and we gathered it was time to finish our drinks and go. Especially since he was trying to set Miss M up, even though she is married. And told him that. Numerous times.

Saturday we got her husband’s skates sharpened, because no one in Kuwait does it how he wants them sharpened. Then we puttsered at the antique mall. And then we prepped for our Saturday night. I invited all the lovely ladies in my life over, as many of them are good friends with Miss M too, and the theme of the evening, was you needed to bring food or drink that you would crave if you were in the hospital. I craved many things while cooped up in there, and I thought it would be fun to see what everyone else brought. I supplied apple pie and baked potatoes. Miss M made her mean margaritas. Soooo delish. Then there were McDonald’s cheeseburgers, fries, and chicken McNuggets. Thai food, spring rolls, ice cream, popcorn, licorice, jello, fruit and veggies, brownies, salads, meat and cheese, and pate and crackers. Gosh. I wanna do this theme again.

Sunday we recovered. We stayed in, ordered Royal Pizza and watched the X-Files and Clue. Our fav movie.

And then I needed to take her to the airport early on Monday morning.

This is friendship. We have not lived in the same city for 14 years. Isn’t that sad? It makes me sad. But weekend trips from Kuwait are no biggie when the bonds of friendship are greater than the distance between the two of you.

Miss M? I love you.

Love Miss K