One of my first taglines was something about being a mother and rock concerts and high heels. It’s kind of embarrassing now looking back on it. But, it was where I was at, at the time. Then once I let my mom’s death defining me go, I was able to have a much more enlightened tagline. And now it’s time for something new.

Sharing My Story, So We Can Each Edit Our Own

Does this make sense? My mom said that she wanted her story told and shared, so others could learn from it. And I guess I now take on the same outlook. I open myself up through my writing, not only for my own healing and reflection, but also in the hopes that something I write will connect with someone else, and allow them to feel comfort or relatability or find a way to look at something deeper within. So I like the idea of using the analogy of it being our stories. I write mine out, and then can make changes and tweaks to it – editing my own life, and hopefully readers will do the same.