My kidney biopsy has been scheduled for next Wednesday. I had to get bloodwork done in preparation, which I did on Monday, and hopefully the results are what they need to see. They needed to test how much of a “bleeder” I am. Apparently if you don’t clot well enough, they can’t do this form of biopsy. I haven’t heard anything otherwise, but it hasn’t even been two days yet since the testing. There is also a list of drugs and vitamins that I am not to take a week before the surgery – all blood thinners – which I am following. It was interesting to see that a number of natural supplements were included on the list too.

The procedure itself will only be about 30 minutes, and a radiologist will perform it – not my kidney specialist, but then I need to wait for another 6 – 8 hours afterwards in recovery to ensure I am not bleeding to death. Which is probably a good thing to confirm.

I will be awake for the procedure, with local anesthetic, and they will use a needle to get in there and suck out part of my kidney. I will admit I am nervous, and get a bit weepy thinking about it. I would rather just be put totally out, but I understand the added risks with that too. So instead I will find ways to pass the time, and use my breathing techniques I learned years ago in preparing for child birth, to calm not only my thoughts, but my self. And keep telling myself that it will probably not be as bad as I expect it to be.

Needle into the kidney? No biggie after they took two chunks of my lung out, right?

I just hope to get Mr. Sub that day from the hospital cafeteria. But they are only open around lunch time. So fingers crossed that all goes well and the timing for a pizza sub with no meat happens!