And then O-P-S-Y. 

It’s happening. The kidney biopsy.

If I don’t recognize incoming phone numbers, I rarely answer the call. And if they leave a voicemail, I am usually very bad at actually listening to it. Well, I received a voicemail yesterday afternoon when I was busy with Arrine, and it took me until tonight for me to actually listen to it. Turns out it was my kidney specialist. My creatinine level increased to 108 on Tuesday. So he was letting me know that he is going to head with starting to schedule a kidney biopsy. I don’t know any other details, and will just wait for his office to call me. But hearing this news, I just sat and cried. Because the last four weeks with the levels coming down, mentally I had placed the kidney issue under the Resolved column. I knew that we had to keep monitoring them, but I really had stopped thinking seriously about it being an issue. And that all changed within seconds from just listening to a single voicemail.

I know it’s for the best. And it will hopefully give us some more answers. But I just want this to be over…