I haven’t been very vocal about the ongoing frustrations I have had with my previous employer and resolving my final pay. But I had multiple questions and none of them were being answered. So I resorted to filing a complaint with Employment Standards, and woo-ee! Then I started getting some answers. Huh. Funny how that works.

I have been told that the monies owed to me will be deposited this Friday. That is two months after my final day, and by Employment Standard regulations, an employer has THREE DAYS to get you your final pay.

Three days. Two months. Neither here nor there?!

So just a reminder that in most cases, you are the only one looking out for you. I am not saying that everyone is out to get you or corporations are deliberately trying to take advantage. But mistakes happen, and lots of the time, the best care and attention to a matter that involves you, will only be done by you.

It goes along with the learnings from my health journey – you are your own best advocate. And you have to be.

And to quote a girl with way more money than I’ll ever have… “B*tch better have my money!” – Rihanna