I used to share a lot of the things I did connected to my mom on social media. Whether it was on Facebook or writing in this blog. But I really noticed this Christmas, how much I actually did that was related to my mom, and that I never shared through social media. Lots of times I would take a picture with the intent to share it later, but I just never did. I don’t know if this is a sign of me progressing through my grief or just laziness. 

Or maybe it has more to do with requiring less validation from external sources. I just do things for me now, without the feeling of urgency to share.I don’t quite know, but I’m OK with it. But I will share that I was honoured on Christmas Day, Trisha told me I could only join her and her family if I brought sticky toffee putting. Which I did. And it was enjoyed thoroughly. I did share the story of the recipe with Trisha’s mother-in-law, but that was it. Otherwise we just licked our plates clean. 

I will say I was very pleased to hear how some of my mom’s dearest friends and family carried on the sticky toffee pudding tradition this holiday season. Let’s never stop…