I really enjoy spending time with my friends. And I am very blessed to have such wonderful friends to spend time with.

One of the changes I have been focusing on since my illness is to let go of the pressure I feel from my never ending List Of Things To Do, which allows me to enjoy the present more.

Arrine was spending the week after Christmas with Nick and his family and I had great plans to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE. And I was for the first few days, crossing the highest priority items off the list. And then I had 3 Times The Fun…

It started with meeting one of my best gal pals for dinner and drinks. We decided to check out a new tequila bar and restaurant and I learned that I love fig margaritas. Our night ended by heading home after midnight and watching the movie Clue.

The next day I had plans to meet another friend to spend the day together. We started our day by going to a medical supply store and then ended up sharing a bottle of wine over lunch and shopping the rest of the afternoon.

Then she got me home in time for me to get ready for my next friend date! It was New Years Eve, and my third friend and I headed downtown to catch  a band play. The next day she told me she had a great time, even though she didn’t like the venue, crowd or music. LOL So my company is pretty amazing.

These three friend dates tuckered me out. To the point of me not being productive at all those few days. But I let it go. And shifted how I defined being productive. Instead of thinking of that List Of Things To Do as my measuring stick for productivity, I defined spending time with my girlfriends that I cherish as being productive. I was productive by nurturing my friendships over laughter and vulnerability and honesty. I was productive by having a fabulous time and a ton of fun. I was productive by living in the moment and not worrying about the future.

I love my friends. I am blessed to have them in my life and provide me so much support. They encourage me to grow and challenge myself and be true to my true self. I am so grateful for these wonderful times I had with these three girlfriends over the holidays.