I can’t even remember what the original tagline was for this blog. Well, I think it had “ammerle” in there somewhere. Then I switched it to something about red shoes and concerts. And now it is: I’ll Be OhKae ~ Death No Longer Defines Me. Now Onto New Levels Of Growth.

I really liked this last update, because it significantly captured the turning point in my grief journey related to my mom. I found a way to let go of her death defining me, which allowed me to open other areas of myself that needed attention. Now I feel I have moved on from that. My writing is now more about me. And my journey with myself, as opposed to my grief. So it’s time for an update. I will still keep the “I’ll Be OhKae”, as that it still very applicable. But I need to refresh the rest.

  • I’ll Be OhKae – Glitterlung, Tarnished or Shiny?
  • I’ll Be OhKae – Moonface and Eating Until I Feel Sick
  • I’ll Be OhKae – I Sweat A Lot Now Because of the Prednisone
  • I’ll Be OhKae – Please Let Me Win The Lottery

I have some brainstorming to do still…