One of the things I have always said I would love to do if I never had to “work” for a living, would be to just take dance classes full time. So when a dance friend of mine invited me to a contemporary class today, I decided to go.

Previous Kirsten may not have, because of so many excuses –  I had other things planned for this day, the cost of it, doing a class I don’t know if I will even like. But I kicked myself in the butt and got to class. PLUS it was something I said I always wanted to be able to do. So why would I not do it?

Well, because I was scared. Because of me failing and struggling with the class and how it would affect me mentally. Not only with the weight gain, but still regaining my strength, and just the ability to do harder, technical choreography.

What I loved about the class was the instructor began it by asking us to stand and close our eyes, and think about what we wanted to accomplish during the class. And then what our expectations were. And in that moment, I knew it was the right choice for me to come to class, no mater how the rest of it went. So in my mind, I spoke out that what I wanted to accomplish was to face my fear of being in class again. And my expectation was to just finish the class and do the best I could with where I am at physically.

Oh, Dario, thank-you. Did I not catch onto the choreo as fast as I would in another style? Yes. Did Dario give me modifications? Yes. Was I harder on myself than I should have been? Yes. Did I not like how I looked in the mirror? Yes. Did I enjoy every minute of it? Yes.

Now, what about my kidneys? Well, I have more blood work scheduled for tomorrow. I was told I will only be contacted if my levels keep increasing over the next few weeks, otherwise I will see my rheumatologist on Friday, January 8th, so even if the kidney specialist doesn’t update me in these next couple of weeks, I can get the results when I see her.

But what I have noticed, is that now I am no longer taking the medication for heart burn, I now have heart burn again (go figure), like I did when I first started taking the prednisone. So I guess this is just another side effect I will need to get used to again. And hopefully with not taking the antibiotic anymore, I won’t see any increased sicknesses/infections that I have yet to have (knock on wood).