This morning I had my abdomen and pelvic ultrasound for my kidneys. The technologist said to me when I sat down, “So, you are have renal failure?” And I said, “Oh! I didn’t know that I was.” And she replied, “Well, that’s what it says here.”

I have learned that different phrases are used by different people, and it’s important to really find out the true definition of their phrasing.

And right when I finished the ultrasound, as in I was actually just waiting to be told I could go, the kidney specialist’s office called. I have to go for more blood work this afternoon, and then I will see the kidney doc next Tuesday morning. That appointment will include more tests (not sure what exactly), but that will help decide if we do the biopsy.

The good news from the ultrasound is that the radiologist didn’t have to see me afterwards. Not like last time I was there for my chest x-ray and was told, “You need to go see your doctor right away.”