It’s been all over the place in these last couple of days with my health. First, my rheumatologist called me yesterday. She is postponing the nose biopsy surgery. She consulted with her colleague, and decided that the risk does not outplay the reward. Being that it has only been a few months since my last surgery and that the prednisone may actually affect the accuracy of the results, it’s not worth it to put me out again, at least right now. So yesterday, the plan was to cancel the surgery, keep reducing my prednisone and see how I progress. If there are no additional symptoms, then we would discuss whether to proceed with the chemo drug treatment. Or if the nosebleeds get worse, or other symptoms arise, then we would consider the nose biopsy again.

Today with my lung doc, more good news with my lung progress. The lung function test I did today had similar results to my test a few weeks ago when I saw him last.  And he agreed with the 20mg reduced dosage, until I mentioned the creatinine. When he checked my blood work I had done yesterday, as my rheumatologist ordered, it was the highest it has been yet, at 152. F*cker nuts. So, the two docs chatted and the result is that I am to stay at 30mg for now, incase the reduction is affecting my kidneys. In that the vasculitis is now in my kidneys, and as we reduce the prednisone, we are seeing this indicator of them not working properly. And because this is a major concern and not making much sense, as I don’t have blood or proteins in my urine, a referral for a kidney biopsy is in the works. I personally don’t feel any symptoms from this, and the doc said I wouldn’t until things were potentially worse.

So, to recap. I am back at the 30mg dose. Nose biopsy has been cancelled/postponed (which I am mentally still processing) and awaiting word on a kidney biopsy (as that’s the only way to tell if there is vasculitis in my kidneys).