I saw my rheumatologist on Friday. There was a “Yah” and a “???”.

The “Yah” is that she recommended reducing my prednisone from 30 mg to 20 mg, without waiting to see my lung specialist, as we have done before. So I am now on 20 mg!!! I really hope I start to see some of the side effects decreasing soon.

But the “???” is that my creatinine levels from my blood work are super high again, at 131. Remember this? My lung doc noted this and then had me retest and my levels went down to normal a week later. Originally it was 142 (I think), and then went to the normal range in the 80s. But now it it back up. So tomorrow I will go have my blood tested again. I have no other symptoms that I feel that would be connected to this, but it is a major concern, as the elevated levels indicated my kidneys are not working properly. So this is still an unknown as to what zee heck is going on with me.

I see my lung doc on Wednesday and will update after that appointment.