“Hey Kirsten. Sorry about not admitting you to the hospital when you really needed to be admitted. And then keeping you in the hospital for extra time while we tried to make a diagnosis that we never did make. It’s not like we made you miss half the summer or anything… Oh, wait. I guess we did. We’ll make it up to you by scheduling your nose biopsy surgery as soon as we can. And by that we mean it will take a couple of months. Wait!! We have a date for you! December 23! Perfect timing, as it’s not like it will interfere with you being able to enjoy Christmas. Oh wait, yeah, you’ll be recovering from the surgery over Christmas.” 

Do I sound angry and bitter? That’s because I am. 

I guess I need to focus on the fact that I finally have a surgery date, and let go of the sadness with how it will affect my time celebrating with Arrine. But this effing sucks. And I’m letting myself feel these negative emotions so I can process and purge them.