That is the best title that came to mind with this post. Gah! I have been absent from writing these last couple of weeks, because I have been consumed by the unknown surrounding my work, and preparing for our Holiday Fantasy show this weekend.

I can’t go into detail yet, as things are still being processed and researched and consulted, but I am NOW officially unemployed. My last day was on Monday and it was unexpected. Hence the reason for being unable to share details on that yet.

Anyhoo, I plan to use the rest of this week to focus on all that is required to do once you are laid off (paperwork, apply for EI, figure out benefits, that kinda stuff) and prep for the show, and then next week, I can focus on my career. And Christmas.

I feel like both my personal and health lives are in Lala Land. That’s what I use to describe the feeling of floating about, with no real direction. I still am waiting to hear back on a date for the nose biopsy that was URGENT. Uh huh. I have a rheumatologist appointment next week and see my lung doc the week after that. Otherwise, there is not much to report on my health. Nosebleeds happen maybe only every 4-5 days now. Knees swell only after intense physical movement. It’s really the decreased metabolism I am battling now, still with the fairly moderate dosage of 30mg a day.

I look forward to feeling more settled, which I know is conducive to some great writing.