I had a good lung doc appointment this morning.

My lung function has improved since last month and I am in the normal range for my gas exchange!! Last month I was at 76%, which was still on the low range and potential for concern. But today I was at 88%! Because of this, he is decreasing my prednisone from 40mg to 30mg a day, even though I have only been on 40mg for two weeks. He still considers the 30mg a “fairly moderate” dose, but it’s still less than 40mg! I am pleased.

The thing I am sad about, is that I have to stop eating/drinking Shakeology. My dear friend taught me about it, and because of its protein content, it was the perfect breakfast for me when I was really focused on my training. But she cautioned me that it has  an immune booster, astragalus, in it and wanted me to be aware of it. Lung doc says to lay off the shakes until I am off the prednisone, and then we can try reintroducing it.

As for the nose, the nose doc gave me some ointment to help with the nosebleeds, and it has really helped. I have only had once since I saw him on Tuesday. And now we just wait for a date for the nose surgery. And I will see the rheumatologist and lung doc again in a month.

Today was a good day.