I was really excited for my nose biopsy today, but yesterday realized that I was actually quite scared for it. Because it meant that I would have an answer (well, maybe). And answers can be scary.

But, it never happened today. I met with the ENT specialist and he took a look with his camera. It was really interesting to see my nose enlarged and on the screen and, well, all bloody.

He explained that my nose actually looks quite healthy, but given my recent health history (he said he spent 30 minutes reviewing my file before coming to see me), he wants to do an in-depth biopsy. So instead of the plan to do it today, with local freezing and get a sample closer to the exterior of my nose, he wants to get up in there!!

This would require me being put under general anesthetic, taking a larger sample from deeper in my nose, giving them more to analyze and a better sample, and then inserting disposable packing in my nose for the recovery.

But to do this, I was given a form that I needed to get to my rheumatologist to fill out, then send to back to the ENT dude, and then the surgery will be scheduled. So I did that right afterwards…and now we wait.

I did ask what to expect for turn around time for this. The ENT doc said he wants me booked “right away”, but when I spoke with his nurse, she said best case would be another month.

So I remain ignorant to my health for now…