I think I am finally seeing a decrease in the side effects from the prednisone! It’s been just over a week that I have been reduced to 40mg, so I am sure I am now seeing some improvement from the reduction to 50mg too. But here is where I am at with my various health issues.

For a few night this week, I have been in bed before midnight, and it has been amazing! Well, amazing from the perspective that I know getting a good night’s rest is needed for my recovery, and just feeling like I am getting back to a more “normal” routine. But I did kind of liked my Superwoman ability to only get about 3 – 4 hours of sleep a night and still be super productive and function. There are still nights where it is closer to 1 or 2am when I am getting into bed, but it’s encouraging that there are nights when I feel that I want to get into bed before midnight and my mind will allow it.

The back and chest acne breakout is still there, but it’s just healing now. I haven’t had another flare up, which is great too. Although now I am starting to see some more acne on my face, which I expected as the prednisone dose decreased. So I may need to start seeing my dermatologist more often for non-pill treatments. I am still getting the microderm, but there is also the blue-light treatment I may need to do on a more regular basis.

Knees & Nose
So the knee swelling and nose bleeds have seen improvement too?? It’s just so weird. I still get a bit of swelling, but nothing like before where I couldn’t even bend my knees totally. Or actually see the swelling. And the nose bleeds are only maybe once every 3 days now. My only guess is that these were symptoms from the prednisone?? And now with the reduced dose they are seeing improvement? I guess that’s what I am hoping, instead of them being the other possible signs of the vasculitis.

Surgery Site
I can’t remember the last time I took Tylenol or Ibuprofen for the pain. Before I had the bottles left out on my counter for easy access, but I put them away a while back and haven’t needed them since. It’s more that I feel the tenderness after I have worked out my core somehow. But yesterday I got to the gym for leg day, and afterwards I tried to do sit-ups, as I would have before, but my surgery site was too sore for sit-ups, after doing my squats. So it will just take time to heal, and I need to remember to not push myself (EVEN THOUGH I WANT TO)! And I am also getting feeling back around my breast and under my arm. Which is a weird sensation, though welcomed.

Things seems to taste a bit better these days. And the intense cravings are starting to decrease. Some are still there, but the inability to “say no” is decreasing. But the metabolism being decreased and the appetite being increased by the medication is still there. And I wish that would just take a hike. And burn a ton of calories while hiking away.

A few weeks ago we increased my hours from 20 to 25 hours. And then last week I worked 27. It was ok. My schedule has been getting Arrine to school for 8:30am and then I head straight to work. The plan for hours is to be the same for the next, and my last, two weeks of work.

So what else? Still no word on the appointment with the nose specialist for the biopsy. I see the rheumatologist next Friday and then the lung specialist the following Friday. Overall I am feeling better from decreased side effect symptoms, but I really want that darn nose appointment. Breathing is still more laboured when doing physical activity, but I just work on being aware of it and work on controlling my breathing pattern more. I still have a chest cold. Arrine and I have had it for weeks. Months? So the coughing and phlegm is annoying. And I am going to ask the rheumatologist her thoughts on that spike in my blood work, indicating concerns about my kidneys, as well as the increase leukocytes too, as I have read it can be a sign of a kidney infection too.

I think that’s all I got!