No, like I will literally be home for the holidays. I got laid off.

The company I work for has an extreme shortage of work. I have known this for over a year now. Layoffs have been happening for quite some time and the morale has been very low. The project I am on, was originally scheduled to be done in early September. Added scope has lengthened that into November and now additional work until February. I always knew that when this project was wrapping up, we would need to find another project for me to move to. But again, I was naïve to think that I wouldn’t be laid off. When I started here, just over two years ago, there were over 30 project managers – now there are 5. And I kept being told, “You are a key performer. We want to keep you.” But when it comes down to it, the cash flow of a company takes precedence over human factor. 

When I returned to work, I was told I would be on this project until November, something would be figured out for December and then hopefully there would be new project work in January. So when I was called into the Director of Project Management Resources’ office on Tuesday morning, I was completely shocked when she said she was giving me working notice (I had to ask what she even meant – that means “we are laying you off”), instead of talking about what new work I would be given. Clearly decisions were made without me, and without notifying me of the change, until I was given this news. But, as I said, this is a business, not a friendship circle. 

Here are some key things I have quickly learned:

· A company can lay off an employee if they are on disability or medical leave. I was shocked to learn this could happen. But it can, and it obviously does. So not only will I not be able to get the rest of my time on disability, I will also be losing my benefits, which most significantly, covers the costs of my medications, which average about $180 a month.

· A company can either give working notice OR severance. The length of time you have worked for the company, dictates either how much notice they need to provide you or number of week’s pay. I was notified early, this past Tuesday, with a formal notice coming to me on Friday, making my last day on Friday, November 20th. By doing this, I am not entitled to any severance pay. Had they waited and just told me on the 20th that that was my last day, then I would have been entitled to the two weeks additional pay. 

So now what? I don’t effing know. I know I am still in shock. And trying not to just react haphazardly to it all. I need to really sit down and organize what I need to do, not only from finding work, but figuring out how I will pay my mortgage in December and hopefully not January too, or February. As well as what this means to me in an overall life event significance. I kinda feel like it’s the universe forcing me to make a drastic change, but I don’t know what that change is yet.

Universe? For once, can you just show me what I am supposed to do here. I would really appreciate it. And send you a lovely thank-you card.