This is the first post I am attempting to make after setting this website to Private.

I want to clarify that I still intend to write, and want you all to read what I am writing! It’s just that for the time being, I need to have the website not accessible to open internet searches.

I have added a few of you as “Viewers” with the email addresses you provided, so I hope that has worked.

These posts *should* still get shown on my Facebook feed, but I am guessing that when you click the link, it may tell you that the site is Private. If so, and the option is there for you to request access, then do it! And I will approve it.

My intent isn’t to be all secretive and not explain what is going on, but I will once I get this Privacy issue all sorted out.

Thanks again for your support and patience – it means so much! It really does!