Ummmm. It happened again. 

The additional blood and urine testing that I had last week to double check my kidneys showed increased leukocytes, which the lung doc thought was indicating a bladder infection. I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms of one, but he thought that maybe the other antibiotic that I was on would have lessoned the symptoms. So to be safe, he prescribed me an antibiotic to fight this potential bladder infection. 

So la dee da, yesterday I went to fill the prescription and took my first dose last night. Then I read the information that came with it. Look at what I highlighted. Can interfere if you’re taking prednisone?? Increased swelling of the knees?? I have that already. How will I know if this is negatively affecting me???

So, I never took the next dose this morning and called my doc instead, indicating my concern over this medication and possible complications. 

Final decision – I am not taking this medication anymore. 

You are your own advocate. Educate yourself. And read!!