I received good news from the lung doc this morning. My creatinine levels are normal again. Back to 87 (89 in August but almost double that last week). Still not sure why we saw that spike last week, indicating my kidneys were being lazy, so we are going to monitor this going forward. I wonder if it could be related to the continued Caesar salad cravings I have had, and actually eating them sometimes twice a day, which added to my salt intake and really dehydrated me. I am working on weaning myself off of them. I have gone a day and a half with no Caesar salad.  AND since my creatinine levels seems to be ok, I get to drop to 40mg of prednisone a day!! Wahoo! So that’s what I took this morning.

Next appointment is with my rheumatologist on November 13th. Still no word on the nose specialist and biopsy there. Chiropractor is helping me with the knee swelling. Head doc gave me some great things to think about and consider today. He says I am still not in denial – the one thing I seem to worry about the most.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and Happy Hallowe’en.