“How To Hit Someone In The Kidney” is an actual Google automatic search. And it turns up complete instructional videos. How does this relate to me? My kidneys are going bonkers!!

I saw my lung doc this morning. He has no concerns with the lungs, which is great news. However, the bloodwork I had done last week that the rheumatologist ordered, indicated a very unexpected and high level of creatinine, which indicates that my kidneys are not working as they are supposed to. So high, that he actually used the term “kidney failure” with this level. He showed me the spike in this from when I was sick in August and had the bloodwork for this done, and then compared to last week. Well, that’s a kick in the kidneys.

Remember how I was paranoid every time I used the washroom, hoping there would be no blood in my urine? This is related to that. With vasculitis, it’s common (is that even the correct word to use) to see kidney issues, and a symptom of that would be blood in my urine. But the good news with this, is that my urine test did not show any signs of blood or protein, and my CRP is low. So it’s like I have one abnormal blood test result, and all the others are normal. But he would expect there to be other signs in my testing, related to this high creatinine. So, I go for the bloodwork again tomorrow, and see if there is any change in a week. And because of this new information, he has decided to keep me at the 50mg of prednisone for now, until we figure out this creatinine issue. I was really hoping to decrease it today, but dems da breaks.  

We didn’t do a breathing test today, as he said it was close enough to my last appointment.

And another thing to note, is that I went for a laser hair removal appointment a couple of weeks ago. This is something I have done before being ill, but saw on the information sheet a warning about not having the treatment done while on immune suppressant drugs. Just due to the possibility of increased sensitivity of the skin, as it can thin and be more prone to burning. So at the time, we chose to not go ahead until I spoke with my doctor. Which I did, and he said I shouldn’t have the laser until I am at least down to 20mg a day.

But you know what? I can still have a beer while on the prednisone. And I would choose beer over hair removal, any day.