My family doctor shared with me the letters that both the lung specialist and rheumatologist wrote after their first appointments with me.

They both gave a brief medical history, symptoms leading to my current health status and then their thoughts and plans for going forward. Like all the information I read from my NetCare file, these sheets of paper seemed to hold so much insight.

I can easily reference them for terms they use and medications they referenced. I do take notes during my appointments, but these are great recaps of everything. I plan to always get copies of these letters after each appointment.

And when reading about me personally, I actually laughed out loud. I’m not really sure why. I don’t know if it’s because these facts seem so unrelated to my health. Or that it’s just odd to see someone else’s view of me written on paper. Or because my autoimmune disease report references my cat.

“She had a remote history in June of traveling to Hawaii and felt well at that time, hiking and swimming in a river, and she was in Las Vegas in July prior to all of this.” This made me laugh, wondering why my ‘swimming in a river’ was deemed important enough to include. I guess it showed my level of physical ability. But still. And I wondered, “What else did I share about these trips that I just don’t remember sharing.”

But this is what I loved the most. “She has a family history that is fairly non-contributory. She quit smoking in 2000. She is a dancer, project manager in engineering. She lives in Edmonton with a cat and daughter and she is separated. She drinks about 2 or 3 times a week.”

That was the entire paragraph. That’s my life. Dancer. Cat. Drinks.