For as long as I can remember, I have been participating in an Easter Merle Family Tradition. On Easter, before you go to bed, you make a nest out of the clothes that you have worn that day. And during the night, just like Christmas Eve with Santa and your stocking, the Easter Bunny comes and leaves you presents in your nest.

As a small girl, I was surprised to learn that none of my other friends made an Easter nest out of their dirty clothes. But I didn’t care, it was a way to get awesome stuff from the Easter Bunny! And so the tradition continues. Arrine now makes her Easter nest for the Easter Bunny each year. And I have realized that even though this is a Merle tradition, I am the only Merle who is actually doing this. Meh. I love it. 

I have no idea how this tradition started. It was either a way for my Baba to find another reason to adore her two boys with gifts, or there just wasn’t money for an Easter basket. Because I know money was always earned by extra hard work in those days.

And what I loved about my mom, was even though I knew this was a weird Merle tradition, she accepted it, and executed it every year, as she too was a Merle Girl at heart.

Here is Arrine’s nest this year – Happy Easter from our nest to yours.