Ok. We all know how much my mom effing rocked. And I mentioned this story once under the amm & Parenting section. But the other day, while I was having a shower, just thinking random mom thoughts, I remembered this one. And wanted to write about it more.

The Scholastic Book Fair time, was one of my favourite times throughout the year. Because I always knew I would be able to order something from the brochure. Remember, one of my mom’s best quotes was, “There is always enough money for books.” And we didn’t have a lot of extra money. Two kids in dance and golf and hockey, with two parents as teachers, didn’t leave money over for yearly vacations or fancy extras. But we could always buy books.

One time I chose a poster. It was of a Maine Coon cat, surrounded by a few paint cans of the primary colours. The can lids were off, and there were paint paw prints, all around the white background. The caption read, “Stick around. I may do something brilliant.” Why did I have to have that poster? Who knows. But I loved it.

I loved it so much, that one day, my mom arrived home with paint and a red poster frame. She announced to me that we were going to paint our little downstairs bathroom all white, then cut out a cat paw stencil from a sponge, and paint cat paws in red, yellow, green and blue, all over the walls. And then frame the poster and hang it in the bathroom. And we did just that.

Why did she want to paint a bathroom like this? It sure looked great to little me, but as I grew up, I thought, “This looks awful from an adult’s perspective. Why did she choose to paint it like this?”

I guess because it was a fun project she knew I would love. And that was the focus of it, not on what the bathroom actually looked like afterwards. And what’s the big deal? It’s just a little basement bathroom.

So many lessons learned from my mom, in just a single afternoon of painting a bathroom…