I am blessed to have friends come in and out of my life, always at the right times. I met one dear friend soon after I graduated uni. We connected and then circumstances separated us. But now we are connected once again. Not the same as we first were, but it’s better than not.

We made plans to go for lunch to catch up. And during our lunch, she said the most beautiful things to me. Gifts that no money could ever buy. She gave me treasurable insight to the relationship my mother and I had (have??).

There were a few blips of time she saw my mom and I together. Not much, as it would only be for a few minutes with my mom being around for a quick visit in the city. But she shared with me that she felt that the loss of my mom could be felt more deep, that others who may have lost their mom, because of the intensity of our relationship.

And these were the words that made me cry over salad rolls: “Even though I only saw you together briefly a few times, it was easy to see how precious your relationship was. And it shone like a diamond.”

I will always miss her to my core and feel that teeny bit of emptiness in my heart. But that emptiness is what has made me stronger. And loving who I am now.