Christmas traditions have begun in our household. Here is a post from my latest Facebook status:

“Well, I knew I was a lot like my mom, but tonight I confirmed it. She was notorious for wrapping Christmas gifts, and then tucking them away, forgetting to actually give them. And months later she would find them hidden around her house. Tonight I frantically searched the house for a large shopping bag of gifts I knew I had wrapped already (I did find them). And now I have completely forgotten where I placed another bag of unwrapped gifts. Oi vey.
I really need to start making lists of everything!!”

But the best was this morning when Arrine and I were decorating the tree. I put on the Boney M, as mom would always do, and we began to trim that tree. Once it was perfect, I got out the bag of stockings. Because the last couple (few??) years we have spent Christmas Eve with Nick’s family, Arrine was expecting her pink stocking that Grandma Karen has for her. But I showed her the gold and red one that I sewed her for her first Christmas, from the pattern of the stockings that my mom had sewed for us. It has beautiful gold trim a the top and big, gold shiny bell at the toe. But the smaller, blue satin stocking with white trim and a teeny silver bell caught her attention. “Whose is THIS stocking??” She asked with big eyes. “That was Grandma Anne-Marie’s stocking.” And she held it to her chest and said, “Can I have it now?” And with tears in my eyes, I replied, “Yes, that would make me very happy if you used her stocking.”

So then she said, “Ok! Now we need to hang them on the fireplace…wait. We don’t have a fireplace.” So instead, she hung mine and hers on the knobs of the old sewing machine drawers at the front door, and Grandpa Charlie’s on the pantry door in the kitchen.

Ta da! All decorated for Christmas.

Merry Christmas!