How many times do I have to say that I effing love this book that I am reading. Yes, you know the one. Women Who Run With the Wolves.

And here is a perfect example of why I love it so. Remember the post I wrote yesterday, about finding the balance between parenting and time away from your children? Tonight I read this passage from the book.

“But there are other reasons for the divided woman. She may be a practitioner of “kid lit” which is a litany that goes like this: “But my kids need this, my kids need that, etc.” She does not realize that by sacrificing her need for return, she teaches her children to make the very same sacrifices once they are grown.

Some women are afraid that those around them may not understand their need for return. And not all may. But the woman must understand this herself: When a woman goes home according to her own cycles, others around her are given their own individuation work, their own vital issues to deal with. Her return to home allows others growth and development too.”

This. Is. Me.

I know because I have had close friends tell me this.

This book is freaking me out. In a good way. I’m pretty sure it’s my mom.