So, as we all know, I always need to have a project. And my mom would always remind me of that. Well, wouldn’t she just love my latest undertaking?

Older home that needs some updating – check!
Father who offers to help every single day, with me accepting his help and being very appreciative, even though we drive each other bonkers – check!
Summer and life put on hold for months to deal with the house and moving and renovations – check!
Friends helping out when they can – check!
Me being forced out of my comfort zone to do a lot of things on my own that I would rather not do – check!
One potential legal battle – check!
Nick who would feel sorry for me and still help me when he felt in a generous mood – check!

Then ta da!!! Dream home created. Easy as that…

Check out these pics on the FB public link.

PS This is a significant reason why I haven’t had time to write lately either!!