While driving home from daycare, no lead up to this line of questioning:

Arrine: What colour was your mom’s hair?

Me: (Turning and smiling at her.) Dark, dark, dark like mine.

Arrine: Was is curly or straight?

Me: Straight. Very straight.

Arrine: I want straight hair.

Me: But curly is great! I will straighten it for you though.

Arrine: Yes, I want straight hair for daycare and then I will show all my friends.

Me: What made you think to ask that?

Arrine: I dunno!


While struggling with bedtime and Arrine came out of her room again for yet another “I just have one more thing to ask you”.

Arrine: When you are grown up and I am grown up and a mommy, will you still be my mommy?

Me: Yes, I will be your mommy forever. My mom is still my mom.

Arrine: But she died.

Me: I know, Love. But she is still my mom. Come here, I wanna cuddle you.

(Arrine crawls into my lap and snuggles in.)

Me: I had the very best mommy. The best you could ever wish for. (Through tears.) I love when you ask about my mom. It makes me very happy because I miss her so much.

Arrine: Don’t cry mommy. (She looks up and puts her small, sweet hand on my check, stroking it.)

Me: Well, they are sad tears for my mom because I miss her, and happy tears because I love you so much.

Arrine: Don’t cry mommy. I’m your friend now.

Me: Yes you are, Arrine. And I am so blessed to have you.


It doesn’t get any better than that…